Creating positive experiences and linking good people across the planet.


Akilah Adventures is a social enterprise of Davis College - a global network of universities. Our home is the Akilah Campus of Davis College - East Africa’s pre-eminent higher education institution for women. We are a network of future leaders that champion opportunity and sustainability in solving the world’s most pressing challenges.

We invite travelers to take an unforgettable journey through one of the most magical places on earth: Rwanda.  We will hand-craft your trip so you can live your dreams.

Our service is human-centered, and completely flexible.  We can whip together a quick half-day journey around historic Kigali, or build a creative cross-country tour aligning with any traveler’s needs and budget.  A “welcome to Rwanda” experience at the Akilah Campus puts a smile on any traveler’s face as dancers and students showcase the best of Rwanda’s culture.

By creating positive experiences and linking good people across the planet, we believe the world becomes a more peaceful, sustainable place because we grow wiser, more tolerant and mindful.


Tailor Made for You

We tailor build a journey based on your desires; we do not need you to visit anything related to Akilah. This is your trip - be selfish!

Network & Connections

We have a large network of service providers, including safe drivers, hotel owners, and tour guides, and a network of reputable hotels for the spectrum of a traveler’s budget.

Akilah Students & Alumnae

An extensive alumnae network of professionals and sustainably-minded women with enterprises & careers in leading sectors of the economy. 

Experiential Education

For groups interested in an educational component, we provide experiential curricula, human-centered design workshops, round-table discussions with local organizations, and more.

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Sample Itinerary

Want to understand more about what our customized trips look like? Here’s a sample itinerary built for an education institution.


Our extensive alumnae community & network of leaders from parliament to the private sector create unique value and lenses through with your trip will be organized and run.

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Akilah Experience Day Trip

Already have a trip planned? Want to boost your “local” experience while in Rwanda? Book the ½ Day Akilah Experience and see Kigali through the eyes of Akilah.